Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Cancun Mexico

The Ritz Carlton is one of the best hotels in the world no matter where you go. The Cancun location is nothing less. I love spending my vacation when going to Cancun at this hotel. Many famous politicians and other movie stars have chosen this hotel too when traveling to Cancun Mexico. They have over 350 rooms available, and its not the cheapest place, but it is the most diverse in services and options. They offer massage techniques in your room that are from all around the world. You pick your favorite and they are sure to perform it on you. Including strange pre-Columbian massages that are more like rituals than massages, but are indeed relaxing. This hotel also does great nail care and facials for the special woman in your life. They will love it. You do not have to get the massages or treatments in your room either. There is an option to have it done an an open air terrace overlooking the beach, this is simply divine! Looking for a good sauna? Look no further the Ritz-Carlton has the best in Cancun! This hotel is all about luxury, and if it can be done, it most definitely will be. They even offer private 8 person hot tubs for you to enjoy. They also have the greatest fitness center known to man, with free weights, plus cardio and weight machines. You can work out in style or maybe meet someone new! You don't even have to leave the grounds. They have a great bar, and they have some of the best scotch that is very hard to find anywhere else in Mexico. I give this place my highest rating because of its overall awesomeness. Please if you want to stay in Cancun with style, be sure to check this place out. Here is some contact information so that you may call them yourself for reservation information, or any other questions you may have...

Mailing Address:
Retorno del Rey 36
Zona Hotelera, Quintana Roo
Cancun 77500

Phone:  52 998 881 0808

Fax:  52 998 881 0815

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