Saturday, September 11, 2010

Xel Ha in Natural Park in Cancun Mexico

Xel Ha is a beautiful park made from the natural beauty of the Mayan Riviera. You can feel a static charge in the air since its so close to many ancient sites. I love this place. Every time I go to Cancun I simply must spend a day aside to visit the Xel Ha park.....And for some reason every time i leave i end up buying a picture of myself from all the photographers. They take care of you very much, and even have a complaint book that you can sign at the end of the trip to file any complaints, and of course I have never had a single complaint about this beautiful place. I recommend everyone taking the time to see all the stuff has to have to wake up early, but in my opinion it is WAY worth it.

Be careful when you are staying at a pricey hotel on the trip, because they will try to hustle you out of more money just for referring you they get a referrers price directly....You know Mexico....Everyone trying to make a buck...which is understandable, but here are the regular rates so that doesn't happen to you.

Adults - $75.00 a person All Inclusive
Children - $50.00 a person All Inclusive

The all inclusive includes life vests, snorkels, showers, inner tubes to float down the river, meals, beverages (Including Alcoholic), towels and locker, and even tips.

Be sure to ask your hotel about the Xel Ha shuttle, because they have a bus that will come pick you up in the morning to take you to the park. This is the best way to go in my opinion and i suggest everyone to do the same. You definitely don't want to take a taxi from the Cancun Hotel Zone to Xel Ha, they will Rob you....Maybe even literally (Just kidding.)

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