Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bull Dog Cafe in Cancun Mexico Hotel Zone

Bull Dog Cafe is a very cool place to hangout in Cancun Mexico. Located in the Hotel Zone, next to all the major Hotels in the area, lies the Bull Dog Cafe. With a very dynamic college crowd, the music that Bull Dog Cafe plays is very diversified. They play Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, Salsa, Trance, House Music, and many other genres of good music. When i went to Bull Dog Cafe I got a table in the upper level and didn't stop partying until the Sun came up. They even serve food the whole time, so that i the middle of drinking and dancing you can grab a bite, and be ready to dance the night away! You can get deals for the entry fee everywhere while walking around the Hotel Zone during the day. So look for the best deal, and don't forget to add Bull Dog Cafe to your stops list so that you can have one helluva time!

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